Food is fuel

Today as I reflect on what is a holiday for many, I think about the preparations for the day. It is all centered on what we are going to eat. It made me think of my favorite quote from a member. He said , I have to stop thinking of food as entertainment and start thinking of it as fuel for my body. That is the answer to it all. That is what we mean by lifestyle change. Food is not a reward. It isn’t something that should be used to make us feel good. It is simply fuel for our Body, our natural medicine. How have we come so far from this? The food industry is a big part of that. Processed food ( especially processed fat and sugar) cause a insulin and dopamine spike. There are similar changes in the brain to when a person uses drugs. Then, a crash in sugar causes a craving for those foods. Also, our culture has evolved around food. We celebrate with food, reward with food and show our love with food. People feel left out if not eating what others are eating. So, we need to change the culture. We need to change our thinking. We are not depriving ourselves, but rather making educated choices to fuel our bodies to be healthy. It’s not about a size, it is about quality of life. I see so many of my patients in chronic pain with chronic disease, desperation and anxiety. Food choices can help, yet not an option for most. This shows the power of the chemical changes in our body when we eat these foods. What can we do? Eat locally. Foods from local farmers will be in season. Avoid processed foods. Mostly take time to think about your relationship with food. Before you eat it think of the mantra FOOD IS FUEL. There are so many other ways to reward ourselves. Keep pushing toward the best version of you.