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Buy generic viagra online cheap - Where can you buy viagra in canada

Buy generic viagra online cheap - Where can you buy viagra in canada

Buy generic viagra online cheap - Where can you buy viagra in canada

Fit Club 24/7 Geneseo Personal Trainer

Linda Richards

Linda Richards

Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach

Linda has become well known at Fit Club as she competed in the first and second Biggest Loser Contest and won first prize both times. She has had an impressive weight loss and has not only changed her outward appearance but is a healthier person all around due to her hard work and determination.

Linda’s Bio:
At age 38 I found myself to be a cancer survivor, mother of three that was just laid off from a job I loved, feeling lost and very overweight, unhealthy and unhappy. After spending a month looking and applying for work at another non-profit and having no luck, I decided that I needed to do something to try to turn things around. So in October 2010, I joined Fit Club 24/7 with my husband just to help get me out of the house and out of my rut. I won’t lie and say it was easy, as it was anything but. I dragged my out of shape butt to the gym feeling uncomfortable in my own skin but knowing that I was the only one who had the power to change how I felt. So, I started my journey, with my husband by my side as my workout partner and accountability buddy.
In January of 2011 Fit Club started their first Biggest Loser competition, I signed my husband and myself up and figured we had nothing to lose (except for a ton of weight) and everything to gain (like health and muscles and maybe some extra money if we did well). Needless to say… we did well! We worked very hard and were very diligent in our routine knowing that each week we were going to be held accountable for our actions. In the end, after 4 months of sweat, I came in first and my husband came in a very respectable 4th. My confidence had never been higher! By the summer of 2011 I had run in my very first half marathon and several 5k races and even a mud run (which was amazing!). I felt like a new me at almost 90 pounds lighter! When January 2012 rolled around I decided to give Fit Club 24/7 2nd Biggest Loser Competition another go. I ended up coming in first again and making my goal weight at the same time! At the end of this competition I decided that if I could do this, anyone can with right tools and support! It had taken me 18 months to lose a little over 150 pounds, during which I lowered my cholesterol, my blood pressure went from borderline high to 106/58, my resting heart rate went from 86 to 50! I will never go back to that unhealthy, overweight, unhappy person!
I have extensive experience in helping people transform their lives through my previous career at Catholic Charities of Livingston County helping women transitioning off of public assistance into the workforce. My experience there partnered with my personal weight loss experience and as well as the training I have received through my ISSA Fitness Trainer and Specialized Fitness Nutrition certifications I am confident we can work together and help you achieve success. I can help you on your path to a healthier you, take the step... Stop saying you’ll start tomorrow and make today your tomorrow! There are no excuses... just results! Let’s take this journey together!

2016 Fit Club 24/7 Brockport Geneseo NY