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Dominic Valley

Dominic Valley

Personal Trainer


I’m Dom and I’ve been a trainer for two years and have been studying movement and health for around five. I’m always learning new things about the body and mind in the quest to become as optimized as possible, as well as to bring that knowledge to the people I work with to help them become their most ideal selves. I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness, making the body and mind work synergistically to create the best version of the human experience. The body is an amazing and intricate machine, and when it is aligned with the full potential power of the mind it is capable of extraordinary things. I also believe that everything you do should be done for a reason, which is why all my programming is designed with a systematic approach that allows for continuous progressions, which in turn creates tangible results. I’m also the creator and owner of CenteredMovement, an online training app that guides users through practices of not only progressive exercise tailored to you, but also mobility and flexibility work, detailed movement pattern instruction, nutrition, and breathwork exercises and mindfulness practices. Below is my personal contact information where I can be reached at for any inquiries or to set up a free consultation meeting.

(716) 983- 6954

Personal Training Prices

1 single half hour session - $25
6 half hour sessions - $22 per session
12 half hour sessions - $18 per session

1 single hour session - $40
6 one hour sessions - $35 per session*
12 one hour sessions - $30 per session**

*Purchase of 6 one hour sessions includes a one month membership at Fit Club 24/7*
**Purchase of 12 one hour sessions includes two month membership at Fit Club 24/7**
***For current members, we will add the extra time on to your current membership***

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