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Weight loss competition, a reflection

Well. It is the end of another competition. This one was competitive as they all are. I am so proud to be part of helping others to become healthier.

Mindfullness seminar 

Welcome to Fit Club and the Studio

We wanted to start this blog by telling our story.

Chris and I met on the cross country team in high school. We shared a love for running and raced often even after school. Chris worked a swing shift at Kodak and we realized there weren’t many options for exercise for shift workers. We decided to research a 24 hour gym and decided to open our own. 

We have been blessed to have success in Brockport, and after 8 years decided to offer classes at the studio. 

We love our experience at the gym and are passionate about living the healthiest life possible. Let us help you reach your goals. Ask us how we can help.